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WM of Switzerland was established in 1980 in a small Swiss village in the Canton of Bern, close to Solothurn. Originally, WM of Switzerland was just another Swiss watch-making company producing hand-made watches. In 1992, Mr. Hans Meissner, who today has over 34-years experience in the watch-making industry, directed the aims of the company towards more ambitious horizons: recreating legendary watch pieces. Hans Meissner is a firm believer in two things:

  • that there is much in the history of watch making that is worth resurrecting and making available to everyone wishing to own a piece of watch making history, but priced to wear everyday.
  • that a watch is worn on the wrist and money is kept in the pocket! A watch, even of high quality, does not need to cost 3,000.00€ or more.

With these principles, WM of Switzerland designs and develops high quality wrist watches at a fraction of the costs of its competitors, mainly due to the continuous search of components and manufacturing processes in close cooperation with world-wide suppliers.
Also WM of Switzerland doesn’t believe in expensive sponsorships or high -priced celebrity endorsements. Because we are offering our timepieces directly to you, without the intervention of any local distributors, we are able to save expenses on advertising and overheads, which we pass straight on to you. A wise collector will immediately identify the exceptional value and opportunity that this represents.

1992 also was the year of the boom in the internet.
WM of Switzerland today trades internationally with a specific emphasis on the use of the web, at very low costs.
We invest our money in research and in the design of new creations.
We sincerely hope you will enjoy our watches and that you will become a frequent client of ours .



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