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Tourbillon Authentique avec “Réserve de Marche”
The precision, elegance and prestige of a genuine jewel in watch making.
The Tourbillon movement is the pinnacle of the watchmaker’s art and expertise. And because of this, very few watch manufacturers have the skills and experience to produce it, constructed as it is, of over 100 individual pieces.

The Tourbillon movement is a real labour of love. It can only be made by hand, by a skilled craftsman putting it together, piece by piece. Of course, it takes a long time to make a single movement, and so the quantity made is small and the number in the possession of serious watch connoisseurs around the world few. With the scarcity value so high and the imbalance between supply and demand so great, watches with genuine Tourbillon movements change hands for many thousands of pounds. Naturally therefore, only the seriously wealthy could contemplate owning one of these mechanical jewels. Until today.

In recent years, WM of Switzerland has focussed on developing our very own Tourbillon watch. The movement has to be of the highest quality, but the watch must be faithful to our famous philosophy – all our watches are offered at the best possible, affordable prices. The result of all this research and development is aTourbillon movement called the Calibre 107, powering the magnificent WM Le Tourbillon Authentique.

  • Genuine Tourbillon Movement wristwatch Calibre WM107 - 18 jewel
  • Date indicator.
  • Power reserve indicator "Réserve de Marche".
  • Sapphire crystal glass.
  • Water-proof to 5 ATM (40 metres).
  • 2-year international guarantee.

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